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Delta Tennis launches "Racquets for Roos"

Australia's catastrophic wildfires have destroyed more than 20 million acres of land across Australia and claimed the lives of at least 27 people and 1 billion animals. In addition, millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide have been released into the atmosphere. Delta Tennis is teaming up with Australian charities to help. We are offering tennis racquets in exchange for donations.

How does it work?

Make a minimum donation of $20 to Australian bushfire relief using a charity below or one of your choosing. Provide us with documentation and we will give you a refurbished tennis racquet out of our inventory.  Australian Bushfire Relief Charities: First Nations GoFundMe Fundraiser: An online fundraiser with the goal of offering “culturally sensitive, specific direct support” to First Nations communities that have been affected by the fires, including relocation costs, emergency relief, and basic amenities. GIVIT: This Australian nonprofit connects people in need with the items and services. RSPCA New South Wales: Veterinarians, inspectors, and staff of the RSPCA are currently helping to evacuate animals and livestock from affected areas in New South Wales, but will begin to return to areas where the fires have already burned to assess the damage. Australian Red Cross: Give money to help send help to people who have evacuated from their homes via the Red Cross’s Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

What types of racquets do you have?

We have a wide-range of gently used tennis racquets in both adult and children's sizes. Brands include Prince, Babalot, Head and Wilson. If you are looking for something specific, email us at

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