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Texas Tennis through time — why the history of the sport should matter to us

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Delta Tennis was founded on the principal of "sharing the sport." We believe strongly that tennis has had a tremendous impact on our lives. We set out on this journey because we wanted to make sure everyone in our community had the opportunity to play.

As an organization, we spend a great deal of time brainstorming strategies on how to maximize our impact. When doing so, it is often necessary to examine the sport as a whole to determine what sets it apart from other sports, what draws people to it and what strategies have worked in the past to make it accessible to others.

Exploring the history of tennis can teach us about social changes and about the nature of sport itself. In today's world, sport is so deeply pervaded in our lives that it has become a part of our culture and a reflection of our society.

Often, our generation takes for granted the people who came before us, whose hard work and sacrifices led to the opportunities we have today. "We play tennis at facilities such as McFarlin Tennis Center in San Antonio or Al Kruse Tennis Center in Corpus Christi without putting much thought into the people behind those names – the people who had a major impact on the growth of tennis in Texas," said Carter White, co-founder of Delta Tennis. "We have learned that by looking into their lives and legacies, we are able to mimic some of their strategies and achievements."

One of Texas’ great businessmen and philanthropists, Howard E. Butt Sr. (1895-1991) recognized that life in Texas communities could be enriched through sport. His contributions toward public tennis facilities greatly contributed to the growth of tennis in Texas. Mr. Butt appreciated the need for youth to learn and have fun, especially during the Depression years. Remembering how much he himself enjoyed tennis as a child, he found a way to bring that joy into the lives of many Texas children.

It is our hope that as an organization, we can look back at these inspiring people of the past, learn from their successes and their failures and enhance our community through tennis, just as they so selflessly did.

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